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Aetna - Connecticut

Aetna is one of the leading Health Care providers throughout the nation. They are committed to bringing excellent care to the residents of Connecticut. Aetna makes use of its extensive network of information and resources to better serve its 14.8 million medical members, 13.1 million dental members, 9.4 million pharmacy members, and 13.6 million group insurance members.

To find out more about specific plans visit or call our representatives at 877-567-5267.

Aetna offers a variety of PPO plans designed to meet the varying needs of their customers. With a PPO plan you can see any doctor within the Aetna network. You are not limited to only seeing a primary care physician. Under most plans, members are required to select a Primary Care Physician who directs their care and makes referrals. With Aetna, you control your care with the help of the doctors of your choice.

Aetna has a rich history as the direct descendant of Aetna Insurance Company out of Hartford, Connecticut. Aetna Insurance Company issued its first life insurance policy back in 1850. Today, Aetna is one of the nation’s leading provider of health care benefits, such as health care, dental, pharmacy, group life, disability, and long-term care insurance and employee benefits and Medicare. It has 14.65 million medical members nationwide. Aetna also serves approximately 36.3 million people with their comprehensive database of information and other resources to help families and individuals make informed decisions when dealing with their health care needs.

Aetna serves more than an estimated 225,000 members in Connecticut alone. They have and extensive network of approximately 8,067 doctors in Connecticut. They are also partnered with 34 hospitals. As of November 2009, Aetna membership will be accepted at Hartford Hospital, MidState Medical Center, and Windham Hospital, providing their members with a well known and reliable network.

In 2008, Aetna was selected by Fortune Magazine as the most admired company in the Health Care: Insurance and Managed Care category. They also implemented a "never events" policy to improve patient safety for their members. This policy was written into hospital contracts, so that there will be no reimbursement for the hospitals when a serious, preventable medical error occurred. Aetna also has an "A" rating from A.M. Best.