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Compare Colorado Springs Health Insurance

Health Plan One offers more than 50 health insurance plans in Colorado Springs, which is part of El Paso County, Colorado. Health insurance carriers that offer individual and family health insurance plans in Colorado Springs include Aetna, Cigna, and United Health One. Enter your ZIP code above to compare the details of the health insurance plans available in Colorado Springs.


Colorado Springs offers many options for those looking for individual, family, group or small business health insurance. There are even options available like Colorado Medicaid, high risk pool, and CHIP. All of these government programs can help those who are medically uninsurable or who cannot afford private insurance to obtain basic health coverage. We, here at Health Plan One, can help you figure out which category you fall into and help find the plan that best fits your needs.


Colorado offers the Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) to provide low-income children, 18 and under, and pregnant women, 19 and older, with coverage. Benefits include inpatient and outpatient hospital services, physician services, prescription drugs, dental for children and mental health services. There are income and other eligibility requirements. This plan offers reasonably low premiums, as low as $25 a year.


CoverColorado is the state’s high risk pool program. The program covers those who have been made uninsurable on the individual market by pre-existing medical conditions. There are eligibility requirements such as not being eligible for Medicaid or Medicare, CO resident, must have been denied coverage by a carrier because of their pre-existing condition, and other criteria. For more information, please see the program website:


The CICP, the Colorado Indigent Care Program, is designed to be responsible for distributing funds to partially compensate health care providers for uncompensated costs associated with services given to indigent residents of the state. CICP is not an insurance program or coverage of any kind. Local Hospitals and clinics will enroll families in CICP.


Colorado’s Medicaid program works much like regular insurance. If you qualify for this program you’ll receive a card to present at doctor appointments. The participating doctors will then let the state know, and the state will pay the bill. The program pays for many servicers including any in- or outpatient hospital care, lab services, nursing home care, home health care, transportation needed for medical care like ambulance rides, and other services.

For an in-depth analysis of Colorado Springs Medicare, visit our Colorado Springs Medicare Solutions page.