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Compare Knoxville Health Insurance Plans

Health Plan One offers more than 90 health insurance plans in Knoxville, which is part of Knox County, Tennessee. Health insurance carriers that offer individual and family health insurance plans in Knoxville include Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Golden Rule, and Humana. Enter your ZIP code above to compare the details of the health insurance plans available in Knoxville.

Tennessee offers many options for those looking for individual, family, group or small business health insurance. There are even options available like TennCare (Medicaid), TENNder CARE, CoverKids, CoverTN, CoverRX, and AccessTN. All of these government programs can help those who are medically uninsurable or who cannot afford private insurance to obtain basic health coverage. We, here at Health Plan One, can help you figure out which category you fall into and help find the plan that best fits your needs.

TennCare is Tennessee’s Medicaid program. Medicaid works in practice much like having regular health insurance; if you qualify you’ll receive a Medicaid card which you can show your doctor at an appointment. If your doctor participates in Medicaid, the State will pay the bill for the appointment minus any other health insurance you may have. The program pays for many medical services including acute care services, prescription drugs, and long-term services and supports, depending on need. There are several major categories of individuals eligible for Medicaid’s full benefits and several others which qualify one for partial Medicaid coverage.

The CoverKids program provides free comprehensive health coverage to those 18 and under who meet the qualifications. This program is a part of the federally mandated SCHIP program and provides coverage for those children who do not qualify for Medicaid but who also can’t afford private individual insurance. The benefits covered are things like preventive care, physician services, hospital stays, vaccinations, mental health, dental, vision, and more. More information can be found at the program’s website:

CoverRX is the pharmacy assistance program. This program provides participants reduced costs to more than 250 generic medications as well as some name brands for certain conditions. This program is meant for those who require medications but have no pharmacy coverage. This is not a health insurance program and does not cover doctor visits or hospitalizations. There is also no monthly premium, but participants have a copay that will vary depending on income.

CoverTN provides affordable, portable health insurance options to small business owners, self-employed, and those who work but still can’t afford coverage. This is a limited benefit program that provides basic coverage at a low cost to residents over 19 who are uninsured but work for qualifying small businesses, sole proprietors, or work without health insurance.

AccessTN is Tennessee’s high risk pool. This program insures residents who are deemed uninsurable by private insurance companies due to their preexisting medical condition. The program provides comprehensive health insurance for Tennesseans through 3 different plan options. Members pay monthly premiums based on current market rates. For more information please see their website:

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