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Atlantis Health Plan Announces: Manhattan Medical Group Now Open for Business!

November 28, 2006

The opening of the Atlantis Manhattan Medical Group has generated a lot of excitement within the health insurance community. Atlantis now operates Medical Groups in three locations - Manhattan Brooklyn and Queens. Our Centers were created exclusively for Atlantis members to receive various medical services with no co-payments, no pre-authorization and limited wait time. The response from the nearly 2,000 members that have accessed the Centers is unbelievable. One such member said "I was so impressed by the quality of the staff?and the doctor treated me like I?ve known him my whole life".

Based on the popularity of our Centers, we are developing a new Health Plan product. Our Atlantis "Signature" health plan will be geared towards using our Atlantis Medical Group as the focal point of the healthcare delivery system. The Signature Plans will be approximately 10% less than our current HMO product and, as always with the Medical Groups, there are no copays. More information will follow in early 2007.

Look for new Center locations in The Bronx and Staten Island in early 2007.

"Doctors make a difference"

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