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HealthPlanOne Culture, Creativity & Attitude

Thought leaders

At HealthPlanOne, we listen carefully. We harness the latest technology to help customers get the coverage they need, when they need it. Today the health care industry is dynamic – and HealthPlanOne has the proud reputation of being solution providers at the forefront for providing health insurance to those who need it.

People count

People matter at HealthPlanOne. We feel it is our mission to help people navigate the medical insurance maze to find the best coverage for them. This is our responsibility, and we take it quite seriously. We help people daily maneuver one of the most frustrating and necessary jobs in the world: finding affordable health care.

Thought leaders driving technology

Technology is key to finding affordable health care, and HealthPlanOne is the proud tech leader of the health insurance industry. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide personalized, affordable, timely health advice for customers, and set the bar for competitors to emulate.

Expanding boundaries of excellence

An entrepreneurial attitude is in the DNA of the HealthPlanOne team. It’s an inherent ambition of creating excellence in whatever we do. No matter what the task is, we only accept extraordinary work. From helping one individual find health coverage, providing call center solutions to our clients, or fixing a paper jam in the copier, we put excellence into everything we do, every time we do it.

Can Do Attitude

We’re a company of roll up your sleeves do-ers. Everyone pitches in to create a culture of success. While we may not have every answer at the tip of our tongue, we will absolutely find someone who does. When you build success with a team of leaders, you create a company where every contribution has value.

Work Life Balance

HealthPlanOne is committed to providing a work environment to complement all employees. Whether your definition of family is in a car seat in the back of the van, getting ready for prom, or being walked at the local dog park, we completely understand that a successful career exists only in balance with life outside the office, and will do what we can to make sure both thrive.