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Clarksville Health Insurance - Montgomery County, TN Health Insurance

Health Plan One offers more than 20 health insurance plans in Clarksville, which is in Montgomery County, Tennessee. Health insurance carriers that offer individual and family health insurance plans in Elizabeth include Horizon BlueCross BlueShield, Oxford Health Plans, and AmeriHealth. Enter your ZIP code above to compare the details of the health insurance plans available in Tennessee.

Other health insurance options that Health Plan One offers fit the needs of those who may find it difficult to receive health insurance in Tennessee.

Health Plan One offers COBRA for those who are in between jobs.  With this program, the member can extend their health insurance plan for up to 18 months after losing their job.  Our licensed insurance specialists are also available via LiveChat or toll-free at (877) 567-5267 to answer any questions.  However, if you are unhealthy see below and there may be other options in which Health Plan One can help you with.

Those who are self-employed or own a small business with two or more eligible employees that work at least 30 hours a week can apply for a small group plan, and Health Plan One can help quote the plans that best suit the group's needs.   Medical underwriting for small group plans is allowed in Tennessee.  Simply call our toll-free number at (877) 567-5267 to learn more information and see if you qualify.

Medicaid is a federal-state cooperative created by Congress to finance health services for those who cannot afford individual health insurance on today’s market.  Tennessee’s Medicaid Program is called TennCare.  Those who qualify receive a card and show it to their doctor at an appointment.  If the doctor participates in Medicaid, the bill is paid for by the State minus any other health insurance the beneficiary may have.  Services include acute care services, prescription drugs, and long-term services and supports depending on need.  Income limits for those who qualify vary based on the individual. To see if you or your family can qualify for Medicaid, visit:

Click here for information on Tennessee Medicare plans

CoverKids provides free health coverage to qualifying Tennesseans who are 18 years and under.  This a program designed to cover the children of families who cannot private health insurance, but who do not have a low enough income to qualify for Medicaid.  The program covers the same benefits the child would receive under Medicaid: doctor visits, hospital stays, prescriptions, and other services.  Copays are low and immunizations are fully covered.  Visit the program’s website to see more on eligibility:

CoverRx is Tennessee’s pharmacy program which provides participants reduced-rate access to over 250 generic medications as well as others.  Visit more information.

AccessTN is Tennesse’s High Risk Pool Program which provides a comprehensive health insurance to those whose preexisting medical conditions have made them uninsurable on the private insurance market.  Visit: more information.

The most popular plans in Tennessee are Humana Monogram Total Plus Rx PPO, BlueCross BlueShield Premier Blue PPO, Humana Autograph Share PPO, Aetna PPO Value, Cigna Open Access PPO, Humana Autograph Total Plus Rx HSA, UnitedHealthOne Network Copay Select, Aetna PPO 5000, UnitedHealthOne Network Plan, Humana Portrait Share Plus Rx PPO, UnitedHealthOne HSA, Aetna PPO High Deductible HSA, and Aetna First Dollar PPO.

For more information on health insurance in specific Tennessee cities: Chattanooga, Knoxville,  Memphis, andNashville.