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Health Plan One offers several health insurance plans in Boise, which is part of Ada County, Idaho. Enter your ZIP code above to compare details of the health insurance plans available in Boise.

Health Plan One can help assist you in finding the right health coverage and the appropriate price range. Our company can help assist you in individual, group coverage and Medicaid. There are also state coverage programs such as Home Care, CHIP, Access to Health Insurance, Women’s Health Check, Immunization Program, and the high risk pool.  Eligibility requirements vary. If you have any questions, contact us at 877-567-5267.

Idaho has an extensive Medicaid program to provide basic health coverage to low-income or uninsurable residents at little to no cost. Medicaid has different programs available to different groups of people, for example: children under 19 and their families, pregnant women, people 65 and over, the blind and disabled, and women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer/pre-cancer. There are income requirements associated with each Medicaid program, in addition to several other eligibility criteria. Benefits vary based on the level of coverage you qualify for. For more information, visit the program’s homepage at:

Idaho CHIP is the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program. This provides low cost to free health coverage to eligible children. The program is designed to ensure that Idaho children whose parents make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to afford private health insurance, receive basic health coverage. The plan includes benefits like regular checkups, immunizations, prescription coverage, lab tests, x-rays, hospital visits, and more. More program details can be found on their website:

The Women’s Health Check program offers free breast and cervical cancer screenings to qualified female residents. The program is available to uninsured women who meet the income requirements. Women’s Health Check covers annual clinical breast examinations, annual mammograms, annual pap tests, and necessary diagnostic services. Income requirements and other information are available here:

The Access to Health Insurance (AHI) program helps employees of small business and their families enroll in employer-sponsored health coverage. AHI is not itself health insurance; it is a premium assistance program that makes health insurance more affordable for employees of qualified small businesses. Premium assistance up to $100 per month per person is available to qualified employees and their families with a maximum premium contribution of $500 per month, per family. Enrollment is limited to 1000 adults.

The purpose of the high risk pool (HRP) plans is to make basic health coverage available to Idaho residents not covered by employer group insurance. Idahoans may be eligible for the HRP plans regardless of health status. HRP plans are offered through the health insurance carriers that are approved to offer individual plans in Idaho. It is important to know that though the high risk pool is the insurer of last resort for many Idahoans, HRP plans may exclude benefits for a pre-existing condition for 12 months after the start of coverage. However, there are ways around this requirement.

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