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Choosing the right Health Insurance for Children and Students

Health insurance coverage for children, as well as college students, is critical. Finding a health insurance plan that fits your needs and price range can be difficult, but with some guidance, it is possible.

Children's Health Insurance

The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), which is a plan called the Title XXI, was passed by congress in 1997. SCHIP was approved to help deal with the growing number of children in the United States who did not have any kind of health insurance. The incomes of many American families were too high to get approved for Medicaid. However, their incomes didn't allow them to afford private health insurance policies for their children. With the SCHIP coverage, a family is charged only 5% of their gross income. Many children are even able to receive SCHIP free of cost.

Children's health insurance policies differ from state to state. However, all states must provide coverage at a minimum for well-baby and well-child physicals, immunizations and any emergency services that a child may need.

If your child already has a health insurance policy under your group insurance plan or any other insurance plan you have, your child does not qualify for the SCHIP coverage.

If you discover your children do not qualify for state coverage, make sure you do your research. Oftentimes, it may be more economical if you get a policy that covers the entire family. It is certainly better than having each of your children covered by individual policies. If you only have one child, however, you can apply for an individual policy and it may be the way to go.

Student's Health Insurance

Although, most universities have a health care clinic where students can go for minor illnesses, you cannot rely solely on the university and school owned clinics to take care of your child's health and well-being. You need to be prepared and get a health insurance plan for your child that will cover any unforeseen emergencies and surgeries.

Being a student, your child has several options for health insurance coverage. The ideal option is to have your child covered by your policy. Most family group health insurance plans will provide coverage for your child as long as he or she is attending school and is actively enrolled. Ask your insurance agent if this is possible and if any changes need to be made on your policy with regards to your child's health insurance coverage.

There are many choices available to you should you need an individual student health insurance policy. However, be careful in choosing the policy. Make sure you gather information and compare the policies. Understand what the policies cover and what they don't cover for your child. All this will aid in your decision in choosing the right plan.

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