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Celtic - Connecticut

Celtic offers a variety of health insurance plans to residents in Connecticut. They offer individual health insurance plans that have very competitive benefits. Celtic offers a range of plans with valuable options to fit the needs of Connecticut residents. More specifically, Celtic offers the following plans in Connecticut:

Celtic is a prominent national individual health insurance company known for providing high quality, low cost individual health insurance to individuals, families and the self-employed. It is their focus to cover more of the uninsured nationally. They aim to provide their customers with innovative, consumer-oriented products and services that are easy to understand, access and use.


Celtic began offering health insurance back in 1978, when they offered group and individual health plans for businesses, as well as life insurance. They soon decided to specialize and only offer individual policies. Today, they are one of the most popular companies for individual plans and they have approximately 90,000 members nationwide.


Celtic is relatively new for an insurance company, but they make up for this with their exceptional service. The Chicago-based company is a major provider of individual health insurance plans nationwide. They offer various coverage plans tailored to kids, individuals and families in all stages of life. They are one of the few carriers that focus exclusively on the individual health insurance market. They offer plans in 49 states and the District of Columbia, all states except New York.

Celtic was given a rating of an "A-" by A.M Best, which is a nationally recognized rating company. The rating is based on their responsible business operations and their ability to meet the needs and obligations of their members. Celtic has received an "excellent" rating every year for more than 10 years


Celtic offers a PPO managed care plan. This gives you access to their preferred network of local doctors and hospitals. Under their "Any Doc" PPO plan, you have full access and coverage for any doctor or health care provider. It is rare to find a plan that will give you full coverage for an out-of-network doctor.

While Celtic does not offer group plans, it does offer the Celtic Conversion Coverage program, which guarantees health coverage is available to employees when they are no longer covered under a group plan. The need to convert from a group plan to an individual plan is often a challenge faced by employers considering downsizing or if they have a significant early retiree population.