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Domestic Partner Health Insurance Coverage

Traditionally, in order to share health insurance coverage a couple would need to be married. Currently, there are no requirements for an insurance company to offer coverage to domestic partners who are not parties to a civil union. However, domestic partner health insurance plans are becoming more commonplace.

What is a Domestic Partner?

A domestic partnership can be same sex or opposite sex and has similar characteristics to marriage – such as being in a committed relationship, living under the same roof for a minimum period of time and sharing financial responsibilities. Recognition of domestic partnership is currently not defined by the federal government. Instead, each individual state maintains these guidelines. Some states may require documentation, such as bills, notarized documents, or filed domestic partnership agreements as proof that the couple is sharing a common residence.

Can Domestic Partners Get Health Insurance Coverage Under the Same Plan?

People in domestic partnership relationships are twice as likely to be uninsured than people who are married. However, family health insurance plans are available for domestic partners in the individual health insurance market. Even in cases where family medical coverage is offered for domestic partners, it is smart to price out individual medical coverage options as well. In some cases two individual plans may offer a more affordable health coverage option than one family plan. Quotes can easily be requested on Health Plan One’s website or by calling 877.56PLANS to speak to an agent.

How Do I Determine What Health Insurance Plans are Available for Domestic Partners?

Availability of Health Insurance coverage for domestic partners can vary based on different criteria, such as whether you are in a same-sex partner relationship, opposite sex partner relationship, what state you reside in and by insurance carrier. Not all insurance carriers offer domestic partner health insurance coverage and it is not available in all states. Individual and Family Health Insurance plans for same-sex Domestic Partners are currently available in the following states through Health Plan One: