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Health Insurance Companies

Health Plan One is licensed with hundreds of health insurance providers in all 50 states. You can view the list of health insurance companies to find detailed information about each carrier. While you have probably heard of nationwide, bigger health insurance companies such as Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross, and Humana, our licensed representatives are knowledgeable about all the plans in your area. This means if a small, regional health insurance provider is more suited to your health needs, our representatives will let you know.

We can also tell you which health insurance providers are more stringent with acceptances and which will be more likely to accept your application if you have pre existing conditions. If you are looking for coverage right away, we can tell you which health insurance providers will grant you same day coverage, and which will make you wait until the next available coverage date. We can tell you which states and which health insurance companies provide guaranteed acceptance and why rates are higher in certain states.

With so many health insurance companies out there, it can seem overwhelming to compare and contrast all plans yourself. How can you know you're getting the most complete coverage...or the best price? Leave it to the experts! We will do the work for you and you can have peace of mind, knowing you are covered with the best health insurance provider for your needs.