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How does Health Coverage work?

Health coverage is so important in the case of a major illness or accident, especially with today's increasing health care costs. Health insurance coverage protects you financially, since medical care can be very expensive. Even if you're young and healthy, you can't predict what your future medical bills might be. Obtaining appropriate health coverage covers all or a large portion of your medical expenses if you become ill or are hurt in an accident.

Health Plan One can quickly and easily help you find the health coverage that is right for you. Our free health insurance quote system will quickly allow you to compare and contrast various health coverage options online. Since every situation is different, Health Plan One offers health coverage for:

As part of the application process for health insurance coverage, the insurance company will request that you fill out a health statement for each member of the family that you intend to insure. Based on that information the company will make one of the following decisions:

  • Accept all or certain family members,
  • Accept certain family members with limitations,
  • Increase the price by changing the rate from "preferred" to "standard",
  • Exclude certain preexisting conditions or
  • Decline the application, therefore denying health insurance coverage.

Depending on the insurer, 70-80 percent of applications for health coverage are accepted without being uprated or having exclusions.

In the five states (New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine) that do not allow medical underwriting, individual health insurance coverage is substantially higher than group policies and many insurers avoid the market. To find which insurers are available for health coverage in your state, ask a representative at 877-567-5267.