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Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is becoming the preferred form of health insurance. The new found popularity of private health insurance is also contributed to the amount of employers that are discontinuing employer health insurance. Private Health Insurance is purchased by the consumer to fit the personal needs of them and their family. Individual health insurance plans vary in many different ways. The wide variety of plans can give you peace of mind that you will find the plan to fit the needs of you and your family. While shopping for the right plan, be sure to contact your HealthPlanOne specialist for assistance. You can call in at 877-56-PLANS

Medicare Health Insurance
Medicare is a government funded health insurance programs for individuals over the age of 65 or suffering from a disability that prevents them from working. Medicare is broken down into four parts.

  • Part A: Individuals who are eligible for the program are automatically enrolled into Part A at no charge.
  • Part B: A more comprehensive add-on package, Part B covers doctor visits, outpatient hospital care, home care, and some areas of physical therapy. Individuals also receive the benefits that require a monthly premium.
  • Part C: That Part C package combines both Part A & B into a more comprehensive package. The premiums of the Part C package will be greater than Part B but the benefits are similar to that of Private Health Insurance.
  • Part D: The final add-on, Part D is a prescription drug plan which gives Medicare enrollees great benefits on prescription drug.

Group & Small Business Health Insurance
Small business owners have a great incentive to get health insurance for their employees. Health insurance for employees works well in many different ways. You have tax incentives to provide your employees with health insurance. Also, you can rest assured that if your employees become ill, they will receive the necessary care for them to return to work. The top professionals in your field look for optimal benefits when applying for jobs, when you provide health insurance to your employees, you can guarantee you will attract the best in your industry.

Student Health Insurance
Many health insurance providers design specific plans for college students who can afford low monthly premiums while still offering great benefits. College students fall under a dangerous category. Full time students often lose coverage from their health insurance while still in college or immediately after graduating. At the early times in their young careers, students fall under a vulnerable category even though this age group is generally healthy with a minimal amount of medical expenses per year. Accidents can happen at any time, health insurance providers understand how defenseless these young adults can be and offer affordable health plans with great benefits.