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Core Health Health Insurance

Core Health Insurance

Core Health provides limited medical indemnity insurance plans to its members that offer insurance benefits to help with the everyday cost of medical treatment. Core Health Plans are assignable benefits plans. Assignable benefits are when a provider bills the insurance company directly instead of sending you a bill first. The insurance company then processes the claim and sends you an Explanation of Benefits. Most limited medical plans offer direct reimbursement. Direct Reimbursement means that you pay the provider first and then get reimbursed.

Core Health provides limited medical indemnity insurance. Benefits include:

  • Single or Family Coverage
  • Doctor Office Visits (adult and child)
  • Hospitalization Benefits
  • Emergency Room Benefits
  • Surgery Benefits
  • No Medical Questions or Physical Exams
  • Advanced Studies Benefits
  • $1 Million Lifetime Maximum
  • Accidental Medical Benefits
  • 4 plans to choose from- Value, Silver, Gold, Platinum (Platinum is the top seller)

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