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MEGA Insurance Headquarters reside in Texas; they are licensed to sell health and life insurance policies in all states except for New York. MEGA offers a basic, affordable plan that limits its coverage to some medical and surgical expenses.

Competing Carriers

Mega Plans

Mega offers a basic plan that covers some medical and surgical expenses. It is designed for those that cannot afford proper healthcare coverage. The basic plan merely covers the bare essentials of coverage. It offers customers a chance to build a plan to suit their specific needs by adding the coverage they desire. These plans have no network restrictions.

Issues between Mega, NASE and their Clients

Over the last few years, Mega has jumped into the spotlight of the media. But the media coverage was not promoting the services they offer. Rather, Mega found themselves with a mess of complaints from clients with Mega Health Insurance who found themselves in the difficult situation of being sick with an insurance carrier that would not cover the substantial part of their medical expenses.

The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) is an association that specialized in sales of Mega Health and Life Insurance. While the President of NASE claims that the companies are completely separate, he also states that they have dual roles and sell both NASE and Mega policies. The public scrutiny began when NASE was misrepresenting the benefits of the insurance policies to customers during their sales pitch. Both NASE and Mega have involved with lawsuits concerning the proposal and misrepresentation of the sale. Doing a simple search on the internet can lead you to a laundry list of examples of the negative media that has impacted both Mega and NASE.

Competing Health Insurance Carriers

Competing carriers will vary from state-to-state. The following is a list of leading Health Insurance Companies:

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