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Unity Health Insurance

Unity Health Insurance is a health insurer based in Sauk City, Wisconsin. As a part of UW Health, Unity provides members with access to a comprehensive provider network that includes UW Health and regional physicians, as well as the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics and community hospitals located throughout our southwestern Wisconsin service area.

Unity's 160 employees take great pride in providing prompt, accurate and local personalized customer service with the result being a 95% customer satisfaction rating. Unity offers a variety of health insurance products and member-focused wellness and disease management programs through individual health insurance products, commercial employer-based health insurance and government plans to serve its 81,000 commercial and individual members.

Unity members receive prompt and accurate service from knowledgeable customer service representatives, calls answered in a timely manner, and a variety of ways to receive support: customer service, 24 hour call-back program, and email. Members can also register for MyUnity which allows you to access your personal health information 24/7 in a secure password-protected environment. With MyUnity you can view benefit information, check your claims status, review requested prior authorizations, change your Primary care physician (PCP) and much more.

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Unity Health Plans

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) PlansHMO members must obtain elective (non-emergency) health care services through a defined network of physicians, hospitals and other medical professionals. Each member chooses a PCP who provides routine health care services and coordinates the use of specialty services.

Health Savings Account (HSA) Eligible Plans HSA plans are high-deductible plans designed to help you save for qualified medical and retiree health care expenses on a pre-tax basis. They are tax-exempt accounts established to pay qualified medical expenses. HSAs are portable and owned by you and deposits cannot be taken away. Unspent balances carry over and can accumulate over a lifetime to be used at retirement to pay for uncovered medical expenses. They may also be passed on to spousal beneficiaries tax free if the account holder should pass away.

Individual Health Insurance Plans This product is for individuals who do not have health insurance coverage through an employer group. Unity offers a variety of plan choices including copayment plans in which you pay a flat dollar amount for a medical service; coinsurance plans in which you pay a percentage of the cost of a medical service or supply; deductible plans in which you pay a fixed dollar amount before Unity begins to pay benefits; and high deductible health plans which are compatible with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Preventive care services are covered including routine physicals, lab tests, x-rays and immunizations.